Executive Suite in a DC Law Firm

Artists Circle recently finished procuring and installing new artwork for an Executive Suite in a law firm in downtown DC. Since the firm is housed in a building under historic preservation, the overall renovation sought to pay tribute to the building's historic roots while also providing sleek and refined finishes throughout the space. Certain conference rooms retained their dark wood panels and mouldings while others were updated with large, light-filled windows and modern finishes. In order to satisfy both approaches, Artists Circle sourced both traditional DC photography for the historic areas and contemporary pieces for the more modern spaces.

The law firm occupies multiple floors in the building that underwent renovation in addition to the Executive Suite. Artists Circle was responsible for managing the firm's collection on these other floors as well. This involved taking inventory of the firm's existing artwork, packing and storing it during renovation, and re-allocating and installing the artwork upon the renovation's completion for a tasteful mix of old and new.