Thematic, Textural, & Vibrant - Yes Please!

Check out this 3D painting we recently installed at a law firm downtown! The art committee was initially drawn to this piece because its bright punches of color coordinate so well with other elements in their space. Since they specialize in international immigration law, they became even more smitten when they realized that the painting is a loose abstraction of a nautical map! 

These paintings have a 3 dimensional quality to them due to the method in which the artist creates them. By pouring acrylic paint into the recesses of a wooden mould, the paint settles at different levels and textures. He uses brushes, palette knives, and vacuums (yes, vacuums) to guide the paint along the surface. Below is a close-up view of another piece by this artist that we have in our studio. Let us know if you're interested!