"What Is Art? Why we like what we like" - The Atlantic

This is a terrific article about the psychology behind our art "likes" and "dislikes". Want to know why you lean toward abstraction or tend to steer clear of anything non-representational? Read this!

Art isn’t science, but that doesn’t stop psychologists from trying to get inside viewers’ minds. What makes us like a few splotches of color?
— From 'What Is Art?' published in The Atlantic | July/August 2014

Splashes of Color

The latest pieces Artists Circle installed at Savills Studley's office: two photographic prints of "splashes" of color.

From Designboom:
"...the barren landscape of Northern Nevada as [the artists'] stage in which they have conducted floating sculptural events; capturing fleeting moments in which vibrantly pigmented liquid has been thrown into the air. Taking many attempts to perfect the technique of tossing the fluid substance in just the right way to obtain a range of free-flowing configurations, the resulting images express shapes that are non-discernible and ephemeral in their existence. The large splashes are shot with a high-speed shutter (typically set at 3200th of a second) that freezes the action... each image is presented as it is taken, without any Photoshop editing."

Out of the Box!

THIS is what was in that gigantic box behind Jack... the large sculpture we showed you a sneak preview of a few weeks ago. It is now installed at Gables' Upper Rock development at Shady Grove and I-270 in Maryland.

Talk about a full service art firm! Principal Jack Devine used a forklift to unload the crate. With the help of two installers, they rigged it into place and lowered it down onto pre-set threaded rods on the footer.

A Monumental Mural

When Savills Studley moved into their new space on F Street in DC, they called on Artists Circle to help with a variety of art items: moving their existing collection, installing art in corridors and individuals' offices, and helping acquire a few new key pieces of artwork.

Last week, we installed this huge, 24 foot wide mural in their space!

The Wilson Center - An Exhibition of Jean Mohr Photographs

Artists Circle was retained by the Embassy of Switzerland to help design and install a traveling exhibition of photographer Jean Mohr's work. The exhibition, War from the Victims' Perspective, features over 60 images addressing the issues of victims of conflicts, refugees and communities suffering from war. At the end of the exhibit we will be moving it to The Carter Center in Atlanta.

The works in the Memorial Hall at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars are visible to the public through February 6, 2015.