AO Continues to Grow! Meet Jessica!

2017 has brought good tidings for Artists Circle as we continue to expand our team! We recently brought on Jessica as our new Administrative Assistant and Project Support. Of course, we had to ask her some personal questions in our typical welcome-to-the-team fashion!


Q: What do you do at Artists Circle? I provide "behind the scenes" administrative assistance and project support to the Artists Circle team, organizing, scheduling, and paying attention to all those small but important details. My years of experience in high end retail mean the importance of customer service is ingrained in my mind. You may run into me at upcoming Lunch & Learns or presentations with Jack. I'm super excited about this position and look forward to learning about the art consulting world!

Q: What do you love? I love almost anything. I love talking about things that matter. I can talk for hours about anything. I love helping people and making connections. I am all about experiences and not holding back.  In my free time I enjoy writing poetry, going on hikes, and watching Will Ferrell movies.  

Q: What do you hate? There are very few things I hate.  I dislike negativity.  I believe negativity doesn’t do anything productive/help anyone out.  Positivity and empathy is always the answer.

Q: What do you do on the weekends? Now that my weekends are going to be free, (bye bye retail) I will be spending time with my family and friends.  I enjoy going on adventures and going to concerts. 

Q: What’s an embarrassing story about yourself? TOO MANY TO TELL. My life is all around embarrassing- I am constantly doing something embarrassing, but that is what makes life fun!

Welcome to the team, Jessica! We're so happy to have you!