The Project Manager, Olivia Zvara's Most Memorable Project

Artists Circle works on tons of fascinating projects.  We decided to ask our project manager, who has been with Artists Circle for 2 years what her most memorable project was.  In the Words of Olivia Zvara: 

"My most memorable/educational project was with MSRB, the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board. MSRB is responsible for regulating banks and brokers in the United States that issue municipal bank bonds to fund public projects. I had absolutely no idea what that meant when we first got pulled onto the project, but over the 4 month project, I received a crash course education in the history of municipal bond issuance in the US!

MSRB wanted to feature images of public projects that were funded by municipal bonds. This includes bridges, schools, airports, public parks, and zoos, just to name a few! I worked with their internal marketing team to track down the original bonds that funded each project. Some of them dated all the way back to the 1920s. Each image that lines the corridors, conference rooms, and lounge areas at MSRB is a specific, recognizable landmark or facility that was funded in some way by municipal bonds. The MoMA? Funded by municipal bonds! The Erie Canal? Funded by bonds! The Golden Gate bridge? Funded by bonds! Eventually, we plan to create a booklet to leave at MSRB’s reception desk that will feature the exact bond next to a photograph of the completed project.

The project was a challenge because Jack and I had to dig through old government archives and files to verify which public works were funded by bonds, but the history lesson definitely made it worth it! The result at MSRB’s office is an elegant nod to the company’s history and bright future."  


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