A day in the Life of an Installer

Artists Circle works on a ton of fascinating projects. We decided to ask our installer, Dan Wasson about his countless projects at Artists Circle. Asking about the installation process and most memorable project gives us all a glimpse into the world of an art installer and puts a name to the face of the countless art installations.

Dan describes starting an installation job with one crucial step: checking the schedule. He says time management is one of the most crucial parts to installing. An installer must be able to predict how long projects are going to take, how long certain processes are and ultimately how many install jobs can be done in a day. He then describes installations as being able to have a lot of patience, awareness and grace. Dan emphasizes an important tool needed is the ability to do quick math—CONSTANTLY. His most memorable project (out of roughly 500 installs he’s done) is a helping install the sculpture Nokomis. He described the installation process as something he has done before. He enjoyed being able to help assemble the sculpture on sight and able to see the entire process. Dan has had a lot of experience when it comes to installing and enjoys working with almost any type of art. Artists Circle is honored to have Dan! What is Dan's greatest weakness? His puppy Jasper.

dan installng.JPG
dan post 2.jpg
wood scuplture 4.JPG
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