All Shapes and Sizes

Artists Circle tackles projects of all shapes and sizes.   “The Force of Nature,” the woman holding the globe was purchased by Comstock Partners LC for the central plaza of their Reston Station development in Reston VA.  The sculpture is made of bronze and stainless steel.  "Reaching Further" is made of steel and blown glass with neon.  This sculpture was purchased by Kettler for their Metropolitan project in Rockville MD.  


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Workspace Wednesday

Happy Workspace Wednesday! 

What's been going on at Artists Circle?

Recently Jack and Katie conducted a site visit for a new, exciting project in WDC. Working in collaboration with Boston Properties and Gensler, the first phase of the project requires a bright, funky mural to invigorate the otherwise muted space in the buildings conference center. Then we will move into the lobby areas, fitness center, and penthouse!


A day in the Life of an Installer

Artists Circle works on a ton of fascinating projects. We decided to ask our installer, Dan Wasson about his countless projects at Artists Circle. Asking about the installation process and most memorable project gives us all a glimpse into the world of an art installer and puts a name to the face of the countless art installations.

Dan describes starting an installation job with one crucial step: checking the schedule. He says time management is one of the most crucial parts to installing. An installer must be able to predict how long projects are going to take, how long certain processes are and ultimately how many install jobs can be done in a day. He then describes installations as being able to have a lot of patience, awareness and grace. Dan emphasizes an important tool needed is the ability to do quick math—CONSTANTLY. His most memorable project (out of roughly 500 installs he’s done) is a helping install the sculpture Nokomis. He described the installation process as something he has done before. He enjoyed being able to help assemble the sculpture on sight and able to see the entire process. Dan has had a lot of experience when it comes to installing and enjoys working with almost any type of art. Artists Circle is honored to have Dan! What is Dan's greatest weakness? His puppy Jasper.

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Epstein Becker & Green Artwork

The variety of artwork we work with continues to intrigue us. Artists Circle works with so much artwork and are constantly astounded by the magnificent works we see. Our latest endeavor was to find art that was unique, ingenious, and captivating to fit the look of the Epstein Becker & Green building. Working with Epstein Becker & Green allowed AO find the works that embodies the modern scheme of the building while using unique 2-D and 3-D pieces.

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install final.jpg

Starting Out the Week and New Month in the Right Way

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday Artists Circle started the week out right- with an Art installation at Piedmont Office Realty Trust. Our installer Dan does almost every type of install job you could think of. His services include large scale installations, artwork transport, artwork packaging, placement assistance, installations requiring security hardware. The best way to start the week is with an amazing installation.

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What's Better Than Sunshine, Palm Trees, Beautiful Weather and Installations?

Who doesn’t dream of palm trees, sand and sunny blue skies?  This past weekend our installer Dan had all his dreams come true- he did installations for PNC’s new building in Fort Lauderdale Florida!  He soaked up the sun and installed works of art that captured all the vibrant colors of Florida.  Artists Circle has done projects all around the world- there is not a project we will not take on!      

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Lunch and Learn

Where is our favorite place to take our lunch break? YOUR OFFICE! Meeting new people to tell them all about Artists Circle! We try to select architecture and design companies once per month to partake in our AO presentations to introduce them to our company and services. Who doesn’t like an Artists Circle provided lunch and the opportunity to meet other businesses in our community?! Today we presented at KGD Architecture and took great pleasure in connecting with their team members.


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The Project Manager, Olivia Zvara's Most Memorable Project

Artists Circle works on tons of fascinating projects.  We decided to ask our project manager, who has been with Artists Circle for 2 years what her most memorable project was.  In the Words of Olivia Zvara: 

"My most memorable/educational project was with MSRB, the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board. MSRB is responsible for regulating banks and brokers in the United States that issue municipal bank bonds to fund public projects. I had absolutely no idea what that meant when we first got pulled onto the project, but over the 4 month project, I received a crash course education in the history of municipal bond issuance in the US!

MSRB wanted to feature images of public projects that were funded by municipal bonds. This includes bridges, schools, airports, public parks, and zoos, just to name a few! I worked with their internal marketing team to track down the original bonds that funded each project. Some of them dated all the way back to the 1920s. Each image that lines the corridors, conference rooms, and lounge areas at MSRB is a specific, recognizable landmark or facility that was funded in some way by municipal bonds. The MoMA? Funded by municipal bonds! The Erie Canal? Funded by bonds! The Golden Gate bridge? Funded by bonds! Eventually, we plan to create a booklet to leave at MSRB’s reception desk that will feature the exact bond next to a photograph of the completed project.

The project was a challenge because Jack and I had to dig through old government archives and files to verify which public works were funded by bonds, but the history lesson definitely made it worth it! The result at MSRB’s office is an elegant nod to the company’s history and bright future."  


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An art consultant is defined; “As an Art Consultant, you help people select and acquire art – including paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures – for their home, business, or collection,” according to, but It’s not a secret Artists Circle isn’t your typical Art Consulting Firm.  Our most recent venture was helping Danny Lane, an artist that traveled all the way from the U.K., put together and install his latest work of art which is titled Nokomis.  He was inspired by Algonquin/ Powhatan legends.  Artists Circle had a blast working alongside Danny and his team for four days creating and perfecting the sculpture that is now placed at a new apartment complex located on Freedom Drive in Reston, Virginia.  The sculpture is made up of 296 glass pieces and stands 14 feet tall.

Danny, our installer Dan, and the rest of Danny's team cleaning and getting the glass pieces ready to put together.

Danny, our installer Dan, and the rest of Danny's team cleaning and getting the glass pieces ready to put together.

The sculpture being put togther (took 2 days to assemble on site in Reston, VA)

The sculpture being put togther (took 2 days to assemble on site in Reston, VA)